Preview Samples At Different Freq Before Loading?

I’m trying out renoise again for the first time in years. I was never much into FT, but a die-hard ST/IT user. My favorite feature of IT was how easily I could browse my samples and preview them at different notes with the qwerty before committing to loading anything. Is there a way to implement this in renoise? As far as I can tell I can only preview samples at their native frequency.

ex: while previewing a few dozen kick drums to hear the one I want… maybe the one I want sounds lame at C-5, but baaaaaaaaaaad at C-4 or G-4; right?



Yeah, I’d like this too.
Actually check out my post in this thread:

Of course this would be more useful for long samples. Short ones can be rapidly loaded by a simple double-click and previewed.

Yeah, that would be great

Impulse tracker sure was ahead of its time.

+1 for me too, since i was almost married with Impulse Tracker until the new love called Renoise came into my life :rolleyes:


Yes, this is something I miss in Renoise. I was also an Impulse Tracker addict some years ago. It would make it even easier and intuitive to work inside Renoise than it already is. I am sure the Renoise Developers will make it happen. :dribble:

+1 too that rocked in impulse tracker… can preview it before replacing the existing instrument


A similar feature was implemented TODAY in 3.2 :smiley: check it out!
You can change the pitch now.

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it really is a great feature! :slight_smile: