Early stage one.

I had the master plan.
I decided to stay awake all nite and make my last tune in 2004.
Instead I tought, maybe this is the last thing I ever do? …

Listen here:

As always, I seem to like your approach :)
This made me think that I have quite a similar sounding (unfinished) piece I want to share both with you and the rest of the Renoisers… to gather some info about. Just like your… it seems balancing between a videogame soundtrack with chip sound and a funny pop-dance tune :)
Arcade 2

HEHE. Thank you.

I liked yours. Glad to see that there are others who end up with some naive tracks like this too sometimes.

I don’t “end up”… seems like lately I have been listening too much
MAF’s tunes… so I seem unable to detach from a certain abundance of major chords and arcadeish sounds :lol: :yeah:

sinatra is a big fan of MAF as well. conincidence? I THINK NOT!


Doh! :D
Really? :) Well… that’s not so strange after all… MAF is t3H r0X0R! :yeah:
And… :huh: …how do you know?! :blink: :lol: