Price Of Renoise 1.5

time to bump this thread again?

Well :) To say it all your “awarded” post was very clear.
But your reply to that was totally confusing to me. In some way it sounded like you wanted to pull a joke out of it all… but I guess I missed that :(

Edit: :wacko:

They should jump from 2.28 to 2.282 just for fun.

In this case the user still gets an update unless 2.3 will be the next minor.
I expect a 2.282 will be a bugfix revision only and users have a right upon bugfix updates. If features are added, i would update the decimal one higher.

In this manner devs have still space to upgrade to 2.284 and 2.286 removing bugs that were discovered recently while developing 2.3 (which will get a patch through 2.301 or some sort of like that).

But this is a very complicated system to maintain since you have to maintain up to a minimum of three different versions and each version-patch will have less or more features.