Price Of Renoise 1.5

I found this in the tutorials:

Could someone confirm this? I’m planning on registering Renoise soon and I was thinking if I wait until 1.5 is out I’d get the updates to 2.5 for free (you see, I was not born yesterday :slight_smile: However if the price is going up I should be ordering already, dontcha think? Okay, $50 or even $65 isn’t THAT much but then again $45 is less…

Based on the past release pace I guess you earn some bucks by buying it now. 2.281 seems like far far away. But you never know if this changes though.

At least I feel like it was forever since I bought it and I still have updates to 2.0.

$65 looks like too much, according to what I’ve already heard in the team, which was more oriented about a less than $60 price.

Still, US dollar lost part of its value during last period and, since most of the team members are european, the final price could even be around that.

Nothing has been already defined about this, though.

What is sure is that 1.5 will have a price higher than 1.2x.

Well, 45 Euro makes almost 60 US Dollars, so i have a slight feeling that the Dollar-sign will be replaced for the euro sign.
It will then be less than 60 Dollars. ( 58.67100 to be precise at moment of typing)

i think it’s not really a topic, because if you register now, you’ll get updates till 2.281. but for the update for updates till 3.281 you’ll not need to re-register. the update price after expiration will be less than the full first registration price.
don’t know exactly, but that’s what i read here in the forums.

Sorry ya all but I think … “SO WHAT?”
If I need to pay again, I will pay!

45 euros? :D

I feel rich when I browse the forum!

Well, for those wanting to register for the old price i would take your chance now.
I don’t know how fast price changes can be arranged with the creditcard hosting provider, i do have a feeling that Rc2 will be the definate V1.5 final.

“the ReNoise Jedi must you trust” :ph34r:

Hehe I got regged at RC1 so I am safe, but hey… just like I said in my previous post… wtf is 45 euro’s? that’s nothing!

It’s less than what i spend on my monthly DSL subscription.

I just registered and on the order page it says “It doesn’t matter when you register, as your registration is valid from 1.x to 2.x”.

I did read the discussion on that when you register at 1.666 you get free updates until 2.666 but the above sentence suggests (to most people I think) that you’re safe as long as the version number starts with 2…

I, being one of “most people”, thought for some time that registering version 1.5 would mean free updates to 2.9 if there ever was such a version. The sentence actually doesn’t suggest that but for some reason people seem to consider the “x” a wildcard ("*"). Replacing the x in the sentence with, say 5, would mean “registration is valid from 1.5 to 2.5”. What baffles me is the varying use of the preposition between the version numbers. Here it’s “to” but I’ve seen “until” also. My dictionary gives two slightly different translations of the word “until”, the other one inclusive and the other one exclusive! So which is it? Does registering 1.5 guarantee you Renoise 2.4 or Renoise 2.5? And no, I’m not thinking of these things alone at night nor are they the reason I’m “hesitating” to register. Why go on and on then? Just out of curiosity. I’ve already decided to purchase this fine piece of software and that’s what I’ll soon be doing. It doesn’t really matter whether the registeration lasts one tenth of version longer or not since it’s all still very distant future and upgrading - as I understand - is cheap too.


If you replace the .x for any value, it fills in your first story exactly.

But i agree it could be better:

Vx.y to Vx+1.y


And Raina (including the adjustment):
Registration licenses are eligable for a complete revision update (Vx.y to Vx+1.y, meaning if you register 1.28 you can download upgrades up to 2.27 or 2.2, depending what will be the last minor revision before 2.3 is released)

I didn’t had any comment on it from the developers so far.

Also when your registration runs out you will probably get an discount on the price of a new registration.

I did not know the team was European! How cool is that? Everyone is pretty much the same until you find out you were talking with someone who was “different.” I have nothing against Europeans, but I might not have been so “American” if I had know that. I kind of assumed you were from the mid west of the US. That is where you guys resonate from, from my corner of the globe.

There is the power of stereotypes and labels. All a state of mind… Pretension is the baggage we associate with opinions that other people have conditioned us to embrace. Every day is a lesson in levity and mutual understanding. “I was not informed that i should have been uncomfortable, guarded, and suspicious around you…” Funny how that works! Liberty is the person you are when you climb out from under everyone else’s opinions… “Hi! I thought you were really cool, but my dad had a beer and now I thinks you talk funny…ish.” :w00t:

Damon, Human from CA

Glad you could join us there mate :) Were all part of the united state of
global humankind.

The simplest would be to give the person exactly what he paid for.
One “starter” license + one adjoining, starting from when he first
The upgrade license maybe should have like 20% off but be “full”.
Renoise is still very cheap, no use in slashing prices heavily for half
licenses. If you bought it once, the youre “bit” forever.

Here in Sweden Renoise costs the price of 2.33 regular CDs.

Well, for the upgrade license i would just say that the user purchases an upgrade license before due-time of his current license, he won’t be able to purchase this upgrade license at all.

I name the idea where you would reasonably consider this situation:

A person registers 1.5, then around 1.6, he decides to register for an upgrade.
We would say, okay, the license will be applied the moment your current license expires.

Then for some reason the price of the upgrade and full registration license changes (either lower or higher, that’s not important now).
Everyone that has purchased an upgrade license up front either have a no-refund problem or the dev-team will have a percentage of income shortage because you won’t be going to ask them to add up the missing amount of money that wasn’t necessary to pay before the raise.

I would just stick to give the person the opportunity to buy the upgrade license after expiration of his previous license until a full version has been passed too. It’s up to the subscriber’s decision to miss certain updates of the software within the range of a full version. He can be send an offer one month before expiration and a few days before expiration and a week after expiration. After that, he can receive an offer on quarterly basis for a year or until a complete version has been developed.

*bought full at 1.5, can upgrade from 2.5 to 3.59999
*if upgrade, can upgrade again from 3.5 to 4.5 and so on.
*if not upgrade before 3.6 then buy full.

You’ll find that most people here on the forum are European. My guess would be that Holland, Germany and Norway are the top countries when it comes to Renoisers here… Myself, I’m from Sweden.

Netherlands, Limburg here ;)