Princess of China [8-bit chiptune/bitpop cover]

Princess of China [8-bit chiptune/bitpop cover] Made with C64 sounds only + vocals

I can’t credit the vocalists on this song. I found a free to use vocal stem and the singers are unattributed. I don’t know what it is but the male vocalist irks me a little but hey, you work with what you’re given!

This track was a bit tricky to get right and I still have some doubts whether I did get it right. I actually think that the sound of a Yamaha OPL2/3 chip would be better suited in this case than a MOS 6581 SID Chip for the way I’ve engineered the sound. I might have a go at doing an FM synthesis version of it to see how the old ‘Yammy’ would fare.

As with sugar, I’m trying to use very simple C64 waveforms and particularly avoiding PWM for some reason. I don’t know why. I do use PWM on one main distorted synth sound though, The rest of the sounds are just layered and filtered.

This song is somewhat the addendum to Bitpop 2, I suppose. I guess I’ve forgotten that I was also feeling as if I was in a bubble of silence. A bit of communication would’ve helped me to understand what was going on.



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