Print function

Apologies if this has already been suggested, but I would like to be able to print patterns and songs to paper.

In real sheet notation or just as Renoise display them?

Regarding sheet-music notation:
I have used Anvil studio to record midi notes and save stuff to a midi file and then use Notationplayer to display and print it.

There is also a midi exportscript, but in case it messes up with Renoise 3.0, using a Virtual Midi cable to route midi notes from Renoise midi out in each instrument to Anvil, might do the better trick.

As Renoise displays notes. I find that the tracker method of presenting note data is more efficient than traditional music notation, especially for instruments with large note ranges.

Having said that, adding MusicXML support at some stage might be nice, and proper MIDI export would be a lot more useful than setting up virtual MIDI cables. Implementing these will require Renoise to be a bit more aware of things like measures and time signatures.

Well there used to be:

Perhaps someone could write a nice Lua equivalent to export to text based ascii view…