Print Manual - Eco Ed 2022 - any plans to update the manual?

Too much screen time has destroyed my concentration so I’ve been getting paper manuals for my hardware printed locally and that has been a life saver, for me at least. However, I was quoted €61 to print the larger manual in colour and €29.40 (lol) in greyscale. Looking through the manual and fucking brilliant UI shots, I noticed that all graphics feature the dark UI, which of course, goes a long way to somewhat explain the extortionate costs being quoted to me.

I imagine that if a “light” UI made up the bulk of the graphics rather than the uber dark UI, the print costs would be less, thus the print use would be less, thus a “greener” manual and hopefully less rip off quotes being levied to me as being realistic.

Yet, even if the cost price were lower, ink use would still be high factoring in the dark UI, so my question is:

Are there any official plans to in house edit the present manual to factor for this?

And… does anyone else see any ecological sense to this?

No. If you want to be ecological the best you can do is using the digital manual.
But you can print the whole manual for 2,90 € if you would use a laser printer…

But you can print the whole manual for 2,90 € if you would use a laser printer…

Wow! I cans use a las0r pr1nter? Really? Double wow ! You are amazing xxxxxxxx thanks so much I really need to be clued into that amazing possibility lol

Wasn’t asking to be trolled TNT.

If anyone else has any thoughts (and yes, feel free to side step the eco issue), most welcome. And TNT.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help to save printing costs between 26,50 € and 58,10 €. :slightly_smiling_face:

Closing the thread and reporting you. Get a life.

Maybe the Renoise Manual can be usable on a E-ink device like Amazon kindle or something else…I don’t know

Thanks for the suggestion Tall_TeQ… Maybe I’ll raise the question directly to the Renoise crew. I just wanted to reduce pollution (and cost) by wondering if anyone else would see the merit in a manual edited to replace dark UI with light UI to reduce both printing costs and amount of ink consumed, but heh, I guess that’s a little too much for some. I’ve requested the thread closed but do appreciate at least an attempt at a humane answer dude, so you have my thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Ok…now I see

same problem for computers…

white letters on black could save a lot of electrical energy in the world…
I don’t know it interfere with printing or saving

…well… not quite but kinda…

… but that’s not really the ask. Am only interested in topic set, that is, an edition of the manual that replaces dark UI screen shots with light UI screen shots, and that’s not too much to ask I hope, but that’s up to the good folks at Renoise to decide.

Anyhow. Talk about a destroyed mood. I’m done.

PS. thx for the good intent with second suggestion, just noticed it, see below
I don’t know if it interfere with printing or saving

Thats pretty cool workaround for a lo carb website for sure. Now just to get javascript under control lol. Thanks for the suggestions dude

This extension is not locarb…

very hungry on ressources…

but if interfere for printing(i don’t know),coold be good

That would be javascript and GUI rendering, but there could be tricks to interrupt it. Well off topic now (still waiting for feedback after flagging it due to the Tescohead above), but this is good to know while at least chin scratching the issue lol

Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 71% of web pages tested

“Light is right”

Thats the spirit! Nice.

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Facebook API…:nauseated_face: