Printable Sheet Music


I would like to see printable sheet music in renoise. That is I would like to be able to print my pattern sequences to paper so future “Electronic Producers” could recreate or create their own music to the songs I have done.

Additionally, I would like to see a list of each sample and it’s sample length as well as song bpm printed out on the page.

I believe printing out of sheet music could lead to Electronic Music being taken more serious by future musicians.

Thanks. God Bless.


This is not as insane as it seems. Having your renoise compositions exportable as sheet music would be great for helping classically trained session musicians (whom are more numerous than EMB musicians). However, I don’t see it part of Renoise’s core design vision.

What you can do of course is export the parts of the music you want scored to MIDI data, and THEN use other software (see Google) to convert the data to printable score sheets. I’ve done this in the past and it’s worked quite well.

Electronic music will be taken seriously by future musicians because… well… it’s the future ;) … I’d take Foo?'s advice in regards to MIDI however.

This note converter can easily be done as external script, not sure if there is enough people interested to justify the work needed to develop this script?

renoise is too big to vanish from the future, the module format ‘xrns’ is the lead-in to the 4th dimension. it has 4 alphanumerical characters[/i] for the extension!

maybe you are thinking about electricity not working anymore in the future, and tanglible evidence of your work is required, you might be on to something.

I agree with Suva, this is a project.
also, anything higher than a 128th note would look like jibberish and would be essentially unplayable, (but probably would be playable in the future) along with the many effect & instrument combinations. that notation could possibly look like hieroglyphics having a bunch of crazy parties at the same time.

it would be awesome to see what this could look like. a hundred years from now i think it’s very plausible physical (non-electronic/digital) instruments could play sounds being made today. it makes sense having something to look at, cuz it’s more likely we could just play the music with our minds instead.

If you want that, get the new Cubase or Logic. They have really good MIDI to stave features.

I currently use Anvil Studio to record the Note data from Renoise and then save as MIDI file.
Then i use the freeware Notation Player to print the sheet music ;)

And if I want a CD drive in my car, you will advise me to “get a PC, because it has a CD drive”?