Printing DSP to samples

Hey folks

I’ve got DSP chains applied to various samples inside an instrument, in Sample Editor, is there a quick way to apply effects (destructive) to samples?

Theres an FX button which will apply the track DSP chain to the current sample, but nothing to render the effects defined in the FX Pane to that particular sample in the instrument.

It would be useful, I think, to render DSP from the FX Pane inside the instrument to the current sample.

Moreover, it would be useful to be able to apply both FX Pane DSP and/or Track DSP to one or all samples in the current instrument.

Destructive editing is highly underrated :)


No way to currently do this (unless there’s a tool that does it I’m unaware of) but I agree this would be very useful.

Yeah … check out Tracktion 5 - it has a nice take on freezing, allowing you to apply the freeze at any point in the chain.

With a little planning this kind of thing could be brought to Renoise, it’s quite simple in principle but really very powerful in use.

In fact, Tracktion 5 has some very interesting features (mainly in the freezing department). Like consolidation of an entire song structure down to a stem (like a global freeze) and then, at any point, you can jump back to the source structure and make edits before returning to the modified consolidated file.

It’s really worth having a look at the demo videos - I would love to see this kind of basic, sharp tool added to the Renoise set. You know, it’s just rendering and file operations … but done for you.

In essence, it would be like the ‘render plugin to new instrument’ feature, except it would operate on a sample. Render sample to new sample (with the option of having that done in-place effectively rendering any DSP to the sample destructively).

This would be very useful indeed. Things like the removal of low-end from samples where it’s not absolutely essential… just routine clean-ups that don’t really warrant having DSP in-line all the time (wasteful), not to mention more creative processes.

Yes - I know that I personally avoid rendering stuff. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid request.

But, perhaps backtracking a bit from the full-blown track freeze function (for which a quite brilliant tool has been written, btw.), we could/should have the sampler’s “apply FX” use the instr. FX instead of track FX.

See these topics, which basically ask for the same thing:

Aye, I was a big fan of the Freeze Track tool but it doesnt work in v3.
My workaround for now is to add the DSP I need, then put a note in on the pattern, ‘render selection to sample’ and finally delete the previous instrument and DSP. Slightly grubby, but works :)
If I were any shakes with scripting I’d make a tool.

mxb has basically said that all of his tools will be updated once we reach “feature-freeze” - which is to say, soon :slight_smile:

Thats great news on both counts!

I thought this feature freeze part even really didn’t started yet because of the bug-fixing issues having more priority…

@vV: Huh? Bugs enjoy the highest priority (and they absolutely should).
But don’t forget that a string of features have already been introduced during this beta?

My gut feeling is that we will still see a couple of smaller features being added to 3.0,
but after that the betas will exclusively deal with fixing any remaining bugs.

Eventually yes, but i did not had the idea it was that quiet yet regarding the bug reports…
Anyway, i was just giving my previous answer based on this reply in my mind:

But then again, it is called feature finetuning which has indeed been done the past few updates…