Apply FX Chain to sample

Would be great if we could apply FX chain to sample like we can with track’s DSPs

Could you elaborate yourself a little more on that?
You have Fx chains in the instrument that you can assign per sample (click on the sample(s) you want to link, then click the specific fx chain you want to bind to them)

Or do you mean apply an instrument fx chain in the sample editor?

Yup, that’s what I want. Render FX chain to sample in a destructive way like we can do with track DSP’s - there is a button for this in sample editor :)/>

Also (and more specifically) requested here:

I fully agree, this is how it should work.

With a standalone instrument, the track has no longer anything to with the instrument. So why should the track FX be applied to the sample? (You can still render through the pattern if you want this).
Even worse, once we talk about this in the context of Redux, there won’t even be a track…

Fuck, so redux won’t have a tracker ?

Can’t really tell if you are joking, so I will clarify:
Redux will not magically be able to apply the built-in FX of Cubase, Ableton or Reaper to the sample.

It will have a tracker, though…

no was not joking .
Great to hear …

…will it have midi out … …to control other vsti’s…?..