Printing/Rendering Renoise keyboard shortcuts not working (on Firefox)

When I click on “print” on preferences to get to view the keyboard shortcuts on Firefox (my default browser), the shortcut themselves render all on the same line, with no sections, etc.

With Internet explorer they render as a formatted html page, with sections, etc. Very human readable.

Today I was trying to use Redux after a while and I don’t remember the shortcuts. This is still unfortunately happening. I investigated the cause and basically Firefox ignores xslt for security reasons, so I’m given an impenetrable wall of text. Basically the whole thing without a single line feed.

I don’t want to use Edge or Chrome for personal reasons (computing sucks a bit more every day).

Probably the keybinding could be shown in the plugin, as on Impulse Tracker.

also the printing doesn’t work on vivaldi or safari on mac