Prioritizing Suggestions

Came up in a thread that prioritizing suggestions has been a challenge to the renoise dev team.
I have a suggestion which seems to work well for my devs/tech staff at the silicon valley giant I’m a techOps manager for. I can’t imagine something like this doesn’t already exist, but heres my suggestion:

Create a spreadsheet, say in google docs, only dev leads have write access.
Dev team manager prioritizes requests from A to D or something similar (A is high priority, D is lowest)
Share spreadsheet on a sticky thread to keep users in the know and to avoid multiple requests for something that’s already on the to-do list.
Sharing the spreadsheet also gives users the opportunity to discuss the current priority of any given item while also gives users an idea what all is on the devs plate - in priority.

Win Win.

Oh, thats interesting, do you remember where that was? (EDIT: I just found the post :) ) I always guess/think that the dev team
has their internal list of “features that we will work on for the next version”, and that it ideally
is prioritized by technical needs and by the amount of “fuss” (very fuzzy metric of course :)/> ) the users make
in the suggestions part of the forum.

Wouldn’t sharing the spreadsheet create an illusion that the users have a direct influence on the priorities?
Of course it would be great to harness the user base for discussing the priorities, but
that would open up the development process quite a lot more than the devs did in the past.

OPd from my mobile, meant to put this in the suggestions thread, oops.