Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It

Privacy is Dead – Get over it

Anon delivers! ;) Thanks for the share!

It might be worth adding that one of the most accurate profiling methods available is ‘social graph interpolation’ (I’m not sure of the actual name for this) - your details are probably like your friends’ details.

I worked this out for myself a while ago when I tried guessing the ages of some random profiles, without looking at them directly. I found I could do so pretty accurately just by using their friends’ data instead.

This man, is an absolute prick.
EDIT: litte OTT. But he’s an asshole. Interesting talk nonetheless.

Well someone was going to post it eventually… :)

I find Amazon’s profiling disturbingly accurate. Some of it’s suggestions I have actually bought… :panic:


No one could’ve profiled me long enough to expect that response. I win.


But then again, what company would be interested in that reply, except maybe mental institutions? ;)

As soon as credit cards and club cards came out, privacy ceased to exist

The world is a stage? :lol:

The world is a bonus stage. Make sure you grab all the stars and coins!


Live your life in private as you would in public.


These privacy informational content has at least one bright side, companies will not harass you with products you are really not interested in.
I hope it would make most selling companies consider to take that path rather than blindly e-bomb millions of people worldwide in the hope 1% purchases their stuff.