Probability, Renoise Generated Randomness

i create music mostly in real time i never work on the same project twice. its a skill im still refining but its how me and my buddy work, usually we modify the hell out of a single pattern over and over as fast as possible using renoise as an instrument (as well as reaktor and max/msp, and unfortunately cubase for modern vst suport…)

the biggest feature i think i could personly benefit from in renoise (other then OSC and vst2.3+) is a little random variation, a command that could be placed next to the note that would then allow either a chance that will play or not, or if it plays what note will accualy come out. something that would give a little more variation in a looped pattern without being destructive. there are tons of max/reaktor things that essentially do this, but they arnt my main sequencer. and all of witch eat a hunk of cpu

think that i use renoise like im jamming on a tb-303/tr-909. i got a loop, i can change the loop but while im playing with knobs im playing the same pattern over and over. it would be nice t be able to vary one pattern without sacrificing large amounts of cpu power, while keeping my mind on sound design, luckely i have a nother dude and 4 pc’s so i not making 90’s style racket but still

i tried hard to get the interest of such a function but… i m sorry i can t imagine how it could improve creation. can you show us?

Imagine having a probability column that allows you to say, “I want there to be a ???% probability that this note plays” … you could then create a hihat pattern with 90% probability on the strong hats and 40% on the weak ones… creating interesting syncopations that are conforming to your template.

I suggested this previously btw, and it got shot down :(