Probably The Best Singer In The World Right Now!!

Wow, what a voice!

Hahaha :lol:
When this just came out (the original) I had a whole discussion with my homie and his gf about the song being nice but her looking incredibly… like she does.
The song itself has such a classy vibe untill you see her. Really killed the mood for me (aswell as for a lot of others, seeing this clip)


Anyway, let’s be a bit fair and post a good song of hers, I dig this one:

That’s one of the worst music video I’ve ever seen

Hehe that’s true :) I’ve “watched” it quite a few times lately and I couldn’t remember anything from it but her sitting in a chair, I guess the video is so bad that it makes you do something else while listening to it… anyway, I like the relaxed attitude of the song and her lazy singing.

LDR somehow manages to take all the sonic elements I’m usually a sucker for and make them all sound musically boring/stupid.

I’d rather listen to Justin Bieber (at least he has mdl producing) … or better yet, listen to portishead or air pull this stuff off properly.

Hey guys,
If there is one thing that you can learn from this:You don’t need to have great looks to get far. Just talent and a good attitude (hint!)

The view count on her video games song was only about 10.000 when I saw it last. What the fuck happened? Now it has almost 35.000.000!
I must admit I really like it though.

… talking about views … Amazing that Lady Gaga’s Bad romance have almost half a billion views, that must be a world record or what?

Well, you could make a nice few dimes out of adds if you get that many views.
Let’s hope the scope of the variable they use to log these views doesn’t get blown by excessive views…
Would be too bad if they would have to reset the counter every year.

Goddammit German GEMA. Can’t watch any of these. (Yeah I know, anon proxies… but somehow they never cut it for me)

That’s pretty strange because most of these videos are hosted by vevo and they get commercial income from clicks and views.
So Gema should do their homework a bit better.

Not that it is at all similar, but it does show how it used to take lips+TALENT to be famous a decade ago.
Also, back then videos were directed by the likes of PT Anderson, and not American Apparel (seriously, I think both of them in Born to Die are fashion models)