Problem API: open_url() fails in Mac Catalina?

On Mac OS X “Catalina” 10.15.6 (19G2021), it seems that (url) is not able to open the file.

I have tried to open an HTML file or TXT file and it is not able to open it in Google Chrome (default internet browser). The url string is correct and the file exists.

Can anyone test it on their OS?

With the latest MAC updates is it possible that the open_url() API function will not work correctly?

Just executing the function does nothing. I have used the same code for Windows 10 and it works perfectly. I think it will work on Linux too.

Maybe on the testsystem, Renoise requires access to filesystem first, using that macos settings section…? I actually don’t know and am still very happy with 10.13.

If that does not work, maybe try the following command in the terminal, it removes the quarantine file attribute from Renoise, so macos never puts it into a sandbox, which might introduce restrictions:

sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/

I am testing one of my tools on Windows 10 together with another user who has that version of MAC. In his MAC he is not able to open HTML or TXT files … But I am sure that the LUA code is correct.

If he copies the full address that prints the string “url” (“file: /// C: … bla bla bla … .html”) and pastes it into the address bar of his default browser (Google Chrome), the file opens correctly.

But using open_url (url) doesn’t work with that MAC. The same code with Windows 10 works (and will surely work with Linux too).

Thanks for the info. We will prove it!

@ffx When entering the line of code that you provided in the terminal, the following appears:

sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/
*** [string “sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/”]:1: ‘=’ expected near ‘xattr’

It seems like something is wrong with the code.

Weird, it works here. And this?

xattr -d /Applications/