Problem: Multiple Outputs


I have a Terratec EWS-88 MT Audiocard. The card has 8 audio inputs/outputs (4x Stereo). I have connected my 3 external synths to those inputs. Now I have a problem.

I use the ASIO-Driver with Renoise. If I render my final song I get each track as seperated wave as I wanted to mix it in my recording software. Of course I don’t have the MIDI-Tracks of my external hardware. as wave file.

But how can I record them? When Renoise is opened I cannont get any other software to record from an Input of my soundcard. I tought I could press Play in Renoise and use Soundforge to record my “MIDI-Patterns” to Audio but it seems that its not possilbe to use my drivers from 2 different programms at the same time. Is it possible to disable all AUDIO-Output in Renoise to have my audio drivers avaible in my other Software, so Renoise will play only the MIDI Datas?

I hope someone could help me, because as you can guess this is very important to me. If I cannont get this to work I cannont use my synths, and they have such beautiful sounds :rolleyes:

this problem is the same I have with my Terratec EWX 24/96 (which uses the same drivers, and it’s one of the main reasons for which my (and your) soundcard sucks.

Oh no, thats very sad. I hope the Renoise Developers are already working on Recording Support :)

Probably they cound add a Meta Device to the DSP Tracks like “Audio Input” where the user can select an Input Channel that ist played trough that track. Of course it can’t work in render mode, because Rendering works like “Offline Bouncing”


Here is a little workaround. It’s not very satisfying but at least it works. And I don’t want to go back to any other software like renoise, so I have to accept that: :(

To listen to your MIDI Setup connected to the soundcard I now insert my old mixer between Audio Card and speakers. I removed my mixer from my setup a few months, because I want to be fully digital but now it seems I have to use it again :(

To record the songs if tried the following and it seems to work fine: I use DirectX Drivers to play my Renoise Song and now its possible to record the input at my audio devices from other software like soundforge.

sell your mixer and buy a good soundcard with the money :)

a lot of ReNoise users found M-Audio soundcards to work great.

ASIO drivers take full control of the soundcard, that’s the basic philosophy
behind them. They allow direct connection from the software, but that comes
at a cost as you see… And it seems then your soundcards ASIO drivers treats
all in/outputs as one unit in that regard.

No, I won’t sell my soundcard, because the card is absolutly great. The quality is awsome! I works without problems with Logic, Cubase, Fruity and so on.

Is it hard to code a DSP Unit to connect to ASIO Input Channels? Becuase I can already route every TrackDSP to a seperate OutputChannel of my Audio-Card with Renoise :)

Don’t know, probably not very hard. But proper harddiskrecording is likely to
be more work. We’ll have to wait and see what the priorities should be after 1.5.