Problem saving in Renoise?

Every time I save, it asks for admin permission which I grant and then denies me the ability to save. I have to save in a new folder each time, backups seem fine which is odd… but when i save usiong Ctrl + S or without creating a new file name, renoisw just will not save it. I have had a few technical issues recently, they seem unrelated bnut yet coincidental.

I’ve had this issue when the project file is stored in dropbox, and I save too soon so sync is still taking place, which then blocks saving. If that is the case, you can pause sync until you’ve overwritten the save, then resume syncing.
Not sure if that applies here but worth a shot :slight_smile:

Thansk for the suggestions, but its still resorting to just saving a temp file. It simply asks me again toonfirm that I am an administrator and then denies… No onedrive or dropbox to consider… Any more for any more?

Are you on Windows 10?

Then it’s probably a problem with Windows Defender which is blocking Renoise (for whatever reasons).
See on how to exclude Renoise in Windows Defender to test if that’s the problem.

Do NOT run Renoise as administrator. You’ll ruin all file permissions for your non admin user.

Hi taktik - feel special to have your attention (no sarcasm) - it was a very weird fix but after running as admin, I repaired the windows resource library that was apparently corrupt by using a flash drive with the windows installation on it. Only one user on here so assuming its okay otherwise. Thanks everyone.

I think I fixed the issue with both combined because with admin mode on before the repair it was still being weird. Maybe leave this up for a few more days but basically this problem ahs been solved. I had a stream of problems at once so… as my friend always says… windows :confused:

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