Problem When Adding Chord On Same Track


I’ve a little problem when i want to insert a chord with my midi keyboard.

So in a track i add 3 columns, then i can add 3 note to make a chord. That’s ok. I can add chord with computer keyboard and mouse and no problem.

But when i use “esc” key to record a chord with my midi keyboard, all notes go under the first colum only. and then it’s not a chord.

Do you understand what i said ? (sorry but i’m french and my english is not very good).

I’ve verify the button on the top of the windows for adding chord and it’s ok too.

Why this is doesn’t work please ?

When you press the ‘esc’ key, you already started correct
Step 2:Hold your left shift and then strike your chord, this works in “still” mode.
If you want to record chords using the chord mode, you have to “play” the pattern as well as enable “pattern-scroll” mode.
Without pattern scroll mode, the chord button won’t be enough in that case.

Yes it’s work with left shift. Thanks a lot !