Problem when using Valhalla Supermassive VST - sudden cutout

I have recently started using the plugin Valhalla Supermassive with Renoise and have noticed a very strange issue. I know it’s 3rd party software, but I don’t experience the issue when using the VST with other DAWs (tested in Cakewalk) and was wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on what’s going on. I have Googled the issue and am coming up empty.

Description: reverb will suddenly cut out after a few seconds if no sample is playing on that track. The amount of time this takes is seemingly random (different results when playing the same pattern a few times). Then, if I set the volume on the track to -inf and trigger another sample, the reverb suddenly comes back in. It happens both when I playback in Renoise and in rendered wav files.

This is quite difficult to explain and reproduce (even for me, as I said it’s seemingly random) and so I have uploaded an example file where this happens here:

In pattern 1 a sample plays and Supermassive builds up some reverb. In pattern 2, the sample has ended and the reverb slowly dies down until at some point it suddenly cuts out. This happens for me anywhere between line 20 and 35. In pattern 3, the volume of the track is set to -inf and a sample is triggered, and the reverb suddenly reappears.

If anyone has any idea what might be happening, or if anyone wants to download that file and confirm whether or not the issue happens for them, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Does it help if you switch off the ‘Auto suspend plugin when silent’ option for that plugin?

This seems to have solved it! On the one hand I’m embarrassed that I wasn’t aware of this, on the other I’m super pleased it’s such a simple solution.

Thank you!


Had the same problem with the vintageverb, turning off auto suspend should fix it.

Thank you. I had the same problem. Didn’t know about the auto suspend. So I solved it by having a silent sample instrument playing along with the track. Sending a continuous stream of silence to the reverb. Works like a charm. :grimacing:

That’s a genius workaround :slight_smile:

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