Problem with 0sxx command

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Hello, I’m a renoise begginer and so far im loving it very much but i’ve encountered a problem and dont know how to work around it.

I was chopping breaks with 0sxx command, but my snares don’t match the ruler of the 0sxx, so i can’t put snares without a little bit of delay before they hit and that sucks. I wanted to know if there is a way to like move the ruler so I can decide where the hits fall.

Please help.


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See that little button called ‘Slice’ just above the waveform. Hit that then hover over the sample waveform and you can click to place a slice marker on the waveform itself. The new slice is then assigned to a note so when you press that note the slice starts from that point in the sample.

Here’s a link to a full tutorial on the site here

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also: right click one of the hexadecimal ruler spaces above the waveform and you’ll see view options

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As redman says , markers

You can still trigger the whole loop (normally c3) and use the markers as pointers ( instead of the slices assigned to individual notes )

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