Problem with addressing multiple ASIO channels


My Renoise version is 3.1.1 (build Feb 6 2017), and my soundcard is a 64-channel RME HDSPe MADI.

I’d like to route each Renoise track to a different output, in order to mix my songs in an analog mixer.

However, in each track’s output menu (as well as the master track’s), only the first two channels are available. This menu used to offer all 32 stereo pairs as possible outputs, but now it only shows channels 1 and 2 as one sole stereo output.

Same problem with the inputs (though that I could live with) : only the first two inputs appear in Renoise, where all 64 used to.

I don’t know what has changed in my config. Other DAWs like Reaper still see all the ins and outs, and I am still using the ASIO engine in Renoise (I didn’t switch to DirectSound). Also, RME’s mixer util is in “DAW” mode, which means it is bypassed, and supposedly not messing with routing. In RME’s control panel, all WDM devices are selected, and switching WDM mode between stereo and multichannel doesn’t change anything.

Does anyone know what could be the problem ?
Please help, I am stuck.