Problem with MP3 voice track as sample - long Stuttering

Hello together!

I have added a 4,5 minutes MP3 voicetrack to my project and in random time the playback of this sample dosent work and then after a few seconds it came back during songplay. I try 3 different Audiodrivers with different samplrates and samplebuffers. Direct Audio, Asio4all, FL Asio. Renoise CPU is 13 %, Processexplorer is 9 %

Same Problem. Anybody has a tipp for me?

happy tracking

Ok, after a amount off time for search the error, i found out that this behavoir was caused by a VST Effect Plugin!

Melda Productions MTurboReverbMB V14.07

Just 4 your info

happy tracking :slight_smile:

the tip:
always try replicating the issue in the blank/new project, so you could make sure that the issue is somewhere in the project, not in DAW itself