Problem With Os X Snow Leopard

i upgraded from os X 10.4 to 10.6.2 snow leopard because i expected better performance. unfortunately my native instruments audio dj 2, which worked flawlessly before seems to crackle every now and then (even at higher buffer settings) . installing the newest drivers from ni didn’t help :) .does anyone else experience a worse audio-performance after upgrading?

Asking on the NI forum instead of here seems obvious.
Or are you only having this problems within renoise?

maybe yore right :) (no, it’s not only renoise, that’s the reason, why i posted this topic in “off-topic”)

My whole computers gone downhill since i upgraded <_<
wish i’d stayed on tiger, there’s so much stuff i miss…like the iphoto option in the photobooth…hours of fun…
leopard sucks

EDIT: and when i upgraded, i forgot to backup all my presets on VSTs - some managed OK, others didnt…entire songs screwed up! Some demos now seem to have a time bomb integrated when they didnt before…phosycon as an example…
so annoying…
come to think of it, i dont think i’ve written all that much since upgrading.