Problem with render selection in pattern

Hi all. Using x64 3.0 and just had a strange annoying problem start happening. When I try and render a selection in pattern, in the render to disk menu, it misses the first line of the selection and renders an extra line at the end. Have I managed to do something in the settings, without realizing it, or is this a bug? Thanks

just tried the render whole song option and it missed the last line or two off. Nobody else finding this problem?

probably vst(i) pdc related? Does it happen all the time, what if you render a track with only native dsp and/or try to exclude plugins to see what is the culprit here.

Hi there, thanks for the reply. After some experimenting, I’ve come to the opinion that it’s probably the dominion transient shaper vst I’ve got. A shame as it’s pretty useful but just means I have to render extra lines around the sample and then cut them away after.