Problem with render

Sometimes after render I get file with silence and I must open Renoise again and mix whole song again.

But today I get even stranger thing - one channel was not render!

test1.wav was what I get first time, test2.wav - after I re-opened Renoise.

Is possible to made better re-initialize everything before render? It’s absolutely unacceptable to work with that type of roulette.

What VST isn’t being rendered?
I mean this could happen with Spire.

Diva. I never had problem with Diva before.
And in this example, two other channels using Diva too, so only one channel was muted somehow.
And no - I don’t forget to unmute channel, because after render I always save project before exit. After reload all channels are active.

UPDATE: great, it’s going better and better - now Renoise render only left channel, right is muted.

There are some buggy VSTs/AUs around. for example ambience reverb. It mutes the output from time to time here, and then I have to reload the project. But this also happens while playback then.

Maybe your problem is somehow similar? I assume this is caused by a plugin, and not Renoise. Once a plugin “messes up” the audio output stream, e.g. by using bigger values than +1.0f/-1.0f, the audio will be muted due a calculation error in the algorithmical stream of the output.

Different plugins this time. Anyway - reloading Renoise and rendering the same song without any change (or even rendering without reloading Renoise) and everything is ok. Like Renoise don’t initialize this process proper. It never happen with 3.1.x version.

I don’t think this is related to the render issue with Spire but it goes away when rendered with low BPM so maybe you can try that just out of curiosity.

It goes away when I render again the same song with the same settings, so I don’t want to “try” anything, I want an errorfix. First one of my tracks was not render, then one channel was not render. Bugfixing is more important than trying to find tricks “how to made it works”.

Well it’s bug hunting, if we can find a common denominator it may be easier for a programmer to fix.