Problem with Renoise and Xfer Serum's LFO modulation re-trigger



  • Create track with Serum
  • Modulate one of Serum’s parameter with in-build in Serum LFO modulators
  • Set LFO modulator in free running mode
  • Hit Play

Every time when play cursor caught end of the loop in Renoise LFO in Serum re-triggered but it shouldn’t work like this. Tested in Ableton Live and Bitwig - works like it should.


A lot of times modwheel and pitch bend is, but, maybe (perhaps) this vst come pre-mapped to listen to midi start and stop? I think renoise sends these by default. Maybe not, though!

Set LFO modulator in free running mode

I’m still quite new to Serum, so maybe I missed something, but I don’t believe there’s actually a “true” free-running LFO mode.

As I understand it, the LFO does basically run “freely” when it’s set to “Off” mode, but its cycle/position is still always being synced to the underlying song time position sent by the host. (Presumably to ensure that you get the same expected results from the plugin each time you render your entire song.)

Here is a quote from Serum’s user guide:

LFO Mode (Trig / Env / Off) Allows you to select how the LFO behaves to new notes:
Off: Note on’s are essentially ignored, the LFO will run mindlessly on its own like an analogue LFO on a synthesizer would.
This is useful for creating a more free-form modulation which ignores new notes, and/or one which is always synced to your song’s time position.

Renoise is doing exactly what it should do: send the current song position to the plugin.

Serum is doing exactly what it should do: set the LFO cycle/position to sync up with the current song position.

When your Renoise pattern loops and wraps back to the beginning, then the song position will also wrap and follow along with it. Serum is responding to this, as expected.

Tested Serum 1.113 in Renoise 3.1.0 running on Windows 10. Everything behaved exactly as I would expect it to, based on the described functionality in Serum’s user guide.

Hm… So why in othet 2 daws everything work as i expected? LFO not locked into host loop.

I mean if i have 1 bar loop (135 bpm project) in Live/Bitwig and LFO in Serum is 0,2 Hz (Anchor and BPM turned off) it always run. I hit play, LFO cycle begins from start and no matter if loop in daw restarted - LFO run in free moode. Of course if i hit stop and play again i will be restarted from beginning of LFO cycle.

In Renoise if i have 1 bar loop (135 bpm project) when i hit play LFO goes thru the full cycle and then always re-triggered from the middle.

You think it’s normal?



Hm… So why in othet 2 daws everything work as i expected? LFO not locked into host loop.

Live’s Session View (which you seem to be using) behaves quite a bit differently compared to the Arrangement View.

In Session View, you trigger a clip to get things going, and then the song’s beat and time position simply continues to run forever while you trigger and loop different clips. Even though the clip itself is looping, the song is not. The song position continues to count on and on… and this is what Serum’s LFO is actually syncing to.

In Arrangement View, if you set up a looped section of the main timeline itself, then you will see the same behaviour as you do in Renoise. Serum’s LFO will jump/sync to the song position when the looped section wraps around, just like it does in Renoise when the pattern wraps around.

I don’t have time to record and upload a video to demonstrate this, but you can spend a few moments to easily test it yourself.

7192 live9-serum-lfo.png

Ok. Thanks! Now everything is clear for me! But why in Renoise LFO restarted from middle? And in Live it restarted from the beginning of the loop in arrange?

How I see Renoise is very annoying you, so just dont use him.