Problem With Rubberband Timestrech Tool

I had the first version installed for a very long time, then I installed the update and now anytime I use the default value “16” it won’t stretch at all which is a bit annoying because that’s the value I used to use most.
I tried reinstalling but no success.
Any idea how to fix that ?

I noticed this issue just this morning, there is something broken in there. I will check it later today.

Alright. Thanks for the reply!

Did you have the chance to figure it out ?

Oops sorry. I had problems with my software so I had to reinstall everything and during that I forgot about it. Added it into my ToDo list and will take a look at it this week.

Same issue here :) (with stretching tool, not with reinstalling the software…)

Yeah, there is some serious coding issue in the latest version. I am going to review the whole code.

aaah so i wasnt crazy… i installed it for the first time about 2 weeks ago and found it odd that it didnt do nothing when i wanted to stretch an 8-count loop (2 bar) to 16 counts but i had to input 32 to make it twice as long… i’m guessing you guys have the same issue ?

Okay, I think I fixed this. Install new version from the tools page or SVN.

Excellent work! Thanks a lot!