Problem With Sound Card/line-in Device.

Hi all,

I’m fairly well versed with PCs and audio but haven’t been able to identify this problem.
After a while in renoise I get pops and crackles when using the Line-in Device.
I can push the “reinitialize” button in preferences and everything is ok for a couple of minutes but then it starts again.
I’ve tried different latency settings but it doesn’t seem to change character or frequency of the problem.
If I get crackles and only mute the Line-In device the noise disappear and if I run a VST etc. everything is ok.
So I only get this problem with the Line-In device or inputs.

I’ve updated my sound card driver to the latest one (Sept. -09 I think)
Sound Card: M-audio Delta 2496.
OS: Vista x64
Renoise: Renoise 2.5 beta (had the same issue with 2.1 final)
Latency: now set to 17ms for testing purposes.
CPU: i7 965 (CPU utilization is about 5-6% when playing around).
Mem: 6GB

Any input appreciated on testing methods for this one.

try to chage asio/wdm buffer size in M-Audio Delta control.

Also: disable any kind of system sounds.


Tried that already, that is the only way to change the latency settings, doesn’t matter if I try, 256, 384, 512, 786 and so forth.


Will try those steps.


It’s already done (usually one of the first things I do when installing a machine ;) )

Setting the onboard audio as default in Windows seemed to do the trick.
Strange ;)
Thanks for the tip.

Haplo: u can chage latency how u want if u useing directsound.

Ok, haven’t played with Direct Sound as I want to use ASIO, with ASIO you can only change the latency by adjusting the buffers.