Problem With Support Email

i sended two times a mail to but i got the same message:

“Delivery to the following recipients failed.

i have a question about to Order Renoise.


Hi josecm,

I just sent a test email to and it was ok. Seems like it could be a problem with your ISP? Have you tried sending email from another place, such as a web-based email service like GMail?

If you have a basic question about ordering Renoise, then feel free to ask in here, but only if it’s a general question. Please do not post any personal information about yourself, for example. Otherwise, please try to use a different email provider and send another message to

i sended from Hotmail the message.

the question is about Paypal, i have an account but i don´t have money now in it.

i have a bank account asociated and verified to the Paypal account. i don´t have credit card. When i select Paypal how the payment mode, a windows appears for select credit card, but i don´t have any. I have the bank account asociated to the paypal account, and i want to pay making a transfer from the bank to Renoise throught paypal (they will receive the money instantly, and it will charge to me in several days).

it is not possible?

if i put money in my Paypal account, the windows that appears for select credit card will don´t appear? and i will can buy it without select a credit card?

when you set up paypal for the first time, you need to transfer funds to it at least one time (but sometimes more) before paypal lets you make direct payments charged to your own banking account.

also it depends how the seller has setup paypal, some will only accept credit-cards. but that’s kinda rare.

yes, i loged-in in the Paypal, in the last Window, and latter appears other window to select a credit card, but don´t have more options.

then my question is: if i put 70€ in my Paypal account, it will let my to pay for the product without select a credit card?

it is my first attempt to buy with Paypal, i didn´t it before…

quoting myself, wo0t.

Paypal has different policies for different countries.
In some countries, paypal does not support transferring money from your bank-account for private purposes. Germany and China are two examples mentioned described in the policy changes that apply from November 1st (there might be more countries where this restriction applies). Also transferring or receiving money for private purposes isn’t allowed for accounts registered in India.
So the best advice is to read the paypal policies that apply to your country because paypal sets these policies, not the Renoise team neither Avangate.


no it doesn’t, because when paypal says the account is verified all it means is that they have made a transfer onto your account, not visa versa.

I don’t think paypal can extract money from your bank account. You need to transfer some money to paypal from bank account in the first place, don’t you?


yes it can, eventually. (might be depending on your location)

apparently paypal’s ‘artificial intelligence security control engine’ might decide that you need to put funds on it first, before you can do direct payments from your own banking account.

ok? ok! :D

hope the topic starter isnt confused by all posted in here ;)


josecm, you could always contact paypal support by telephone, they can tell what’s going on and why.

yes it is activated and selected.

if i can´t make this, then Paypal don´t must show this in my Control Panel that i can make it (and it show it: when i press “add funds” to put money from my bank to my Paypal account appears a message that tell that i don´t need to put money to can buy with Paypal, and say that i only need to select when i am buying the option “charge in my account bank”).

i made too a transfer from my bank to paypal 1 month ago, from the Control Panel (using “transfer found from bank account”), it takes about 15 days to complete and it is free of charge. then i have all the requeriments, it is?

i will investigate in Paypal or send a email to Paypal´s support.

well, they sended me an email and, in short, they said this:

“Note that like most banks, PayPal has a security system reviews each transaction before processing. Sometimes, we can take extra security measures to deny payment or the source of funds for payment. This is because there are transactions that are similar to those that failed or went wrong and decide to reject them for prevention.”

the better way to complete a purchase is by adding founds to the Paypal account.

i got it!!