Problem With The Akai Mpd18

I’ve got my pads set from C-4 to D#5 in MPD editor but it doesn’t match the keys in Renoise whether I try in the sample keyzone or in Battery.
Any idea what’s going wrong?

The octave is probably just shifted. You may have to set your MPD pads to start at either C-5 or C-3 to get them to line up. Alternatively, just transpose the instance of Battery within Renoise to +12 or -12, etc.

Sorry my description was incomplete. Actually whatever key is assigned to a pad it keeps playing the same note.
Also, when I start the MPD editor before running Renoise I get a “failed to open MME device…” error and have to close it and have to deselect/reselect it in the MIDI options or restart Renoise, is it normal?

So yeah what’s going on basicly is:

  • either I start the editor before running Renoise and get the error message
  • or I start it after and the assignation remains stuck on the default preset and I can’t change anything, which makes the editor straight useless…

If the MPD is sending the same MIDI note for all pads, then this sounds like a configuration problem with the device itself. I’m taking a quick look at the user manual and it says that you must specifically put the pads into MIDI Note mode before they will transmit the proper values:

Your MIDI device can only be accessed by one program at any given time, so this is normal: Renoise cannot access the device if it’s already locked and in-use by the MPD editor.

This is what I did. I just didn’t realize I couldn’t use the editor at the same time and was supposed to recall the presets previously stored using the MPD itself.
Thanks for your help!

turn off 16 levels function on ya mpd.