Problems Recording Loopback Audio

Hello! Just grabbed the latest Renoise demo, been playing with this software off and on for years, going to try and spend some proper time with it this time!

Everything is working fine except for recording audio to use as a new sample when using Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback software. This software is for virtual routing - so you can, for example, create a virtual input from the output of Chrome or Spotify. The feed does record into Renoise, but it is severely distorted - almost as though it has a super fast LFO modulating the volume as well as some serious degradation to the quality of the sound.

Curiously the issue I have is limited to the Loopback app and Renoise specifically. Using the same virtual input to record in another app (e.g. Amadeus) is okay. I can also record different inputs into Renoise no problem (e.g. using built-in mic, no issues).

Anyone had this problem before? I can’t be the only one wanting to record loopback audio! biggrin.png



I fiddled with settings and discovered that the thing which makes the difference is Latency. It was turned way up for some reason. Any value below 10 and the problem recording loopback audio goes away. If it goes above, artefacts are gradually introduced, getting really bad when the number is high.

At 10, I can still use plugins without hiccups and recording loopback is fine. Maybe it’ll help someone else :wink:

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You are an absolute legend! This renoise/loopback issue has been bothering me for so long. Latency is totally where the problem was. Thanks a bunch! now to record tons of stuff into renoise :slight_smile: