Problems Rendering A Song

Hey there, I’m having a slight problem with rendering a track I’m working on. I’m using the Pro-53 VST from native instruments, and it doesn’t seem to render correctly. It glitches a lot. It doesn’t matter how I render it, fastest or slowest - it’s all the same.

Any ideas??

Oh and I’m using the OS X version, not sure if that matters though…

Are you rendering with the same samplerate than you work with?

Also try the “realtime” render mode.

Oh thats me --^ :)

Strange. Are you rendering each track into a separate file? Does not doing this fix it? Would be cool if you could upload/send an example song…

I tried out some other renderings, I’m simply rendering one big file. When I only render the affected part I don’t get the error, but when I do the whole song everytime it’s a different timing, like a glitch. Here’s the whole thing:

You are also sure there is no send-track bugging the particular track?

Yeah none that I see, I haven’t got any automization on that particular track, and am only using reverb and a delay in send effects.

So do you guys have a suggestion??