Problems with Arturia Analog Lab

Hi there,

Has anyone else had problems with Arturia Analog Lab 4? When I try to load it, the External editor GUI is red. if you close and re open there is minimal information and you can’t do anything! I may just be being a noob as I am quite new to all this?


  1. Go to step two of the image capture and disable the checkbox of Auto-Scale.
  2. Then reload the VSTi and set the VSTi’s own scaling (Resize Window).

Many thanks. But the GUI compatability options are missing from my plugin options?


What version of Renoise are you running? Get the latest.

yep, either way;

"The Platform, OS you have tested
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What you where expecting and what actually happened
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Steps to make it happen again
Please describe which steps are necessary in order to create/show the problem. If the problem you’re describing can be replicated, it’s usually also very easy to fix. If not, it definitely can’t be fixed"

Thanks for this,

My OS is windows 8.1 pro. I think this may be the reason. I am thinking of moving to 10 any way.

The problem happens each time I try to open the plugins external editor