Problems With ASIO4ALL

I am trying to use an asio driver, ASIO4ALL in my computer as I read it would reduce latencies and improve audio quality. I also have an external soundcard, a Focusrite 2i4, but I cant seem to use it for processing audio from my computer. My problem is that when I select the asio driver from audio preferences, I hear audio from my monitor screen speakers but not my headphones, even when my computer detects headphones plugged in. I am also wondering if there is any way I could use my 2i4 to process the audio from my computer, instead of using the crappy built in audio on my motherboard. I am running windows 8.1, if that helps.

did you try the focusrite drivers instead?

Try other usb ports and disabling webcams and things alike. If youve got Samsung Kies software installed, remove it, if theres no update.

Try for more results.

When I have Line In from the 2i4 selected as input it seems to work, but that’s with directsound. Does this mean the audio is being processed by the 2i4 or directsound? When I select ASIO in device type I can selecct the 2i4 driver, but there is no audio at all. Does it really matter if I’m using the ASIO driver? Sorry, I am really new to this!