Problems With Battery 2

Does anyone know what is going on?!!!

I have 1 instance of battery loaded up which contains all of my drums hits for a song. I have entered each different hit into a seperate Renoise channel but when I apply FX to each channel it is very tempermental. Sometimes it will apply the FX and then suddenly it won’t.

Then when I send the channels to one ‘Send’ channel, the FX don’t work on that channel at all.

What is going on?!!!
It seems like Battery doesn’t like being routed or something.

Any ideas?

I think the way around this is to have seperate instances of Battery for each hits (kick, hi, snare etc) as Renoise does not support multi VST outputs from one VST instrument.

Is this correct guys?

yes, I think that this is the problem.

Uisng Kontakt instead of Battery would probably solve it: personally, I use Kontakt’s group effects, instead of send effects, where possible. I don’t know if Battery has group effects too

I find Battery much better for dealing with drums though. It’s much quicker and feels nicer because it’s laid out like a drum machine.

I’ve got a fact PC so using multiple instances of Battery is ok.