Problems With Masterkeyboard MIDI Input


Yesterday i started Renoise - latest version downloaded yesterday from backstage to test my Yamaha CS6R.

Setup was like:

Master keyboard selected as midi in in preferences then i set up midi output for first instrument.
When i was playing notes on my keyboard note off messages were send just after note on, it didnt happen when i was playing chords (but still got note offs from time to time).

My keyboard, midi interface, that Yamaha works perfect - i did the same in Ableton Live few minutes later and was ok.

I can test it with other synths later.


Could you be more specific?
Does it happen when you record something, or just when you play around without recording the notes?

Does it happen if you play slow?

What BPM and LPB do you use? What happen if you disable PDC?

I started fresh install of Renoise and just changed midi in and set midi out on instrument. I didnt record anything, just played around.
That happened regardless the speed of playing.
I can test more in the evening.

I see. Please when you test this again pay attention to the green and the red midi indicator on top right in Renoise.
That might tell you where those note-off’s originate from.

Another possibility is that you have used the duration slider in midi properties for that instrument.
If it is not set to infinity then renoise will send note-off’s…