Problems With Mp3-Encoding


i got a problem regarding converting my rendered Track to Mp3.

The thing is, when i convert it manually with lamedrop to 128 Kbit i get a rasping sound on several instruments on my track.

if i convert it to 320kbps the crispy sound is still present but its almost unhearable. If i hear the rendered wav its all fine.

Soundcloud is transcoding the same way.

Are there any hints how to avoid this ?

Soundcloud streaming is always 128kbs mp3

Only way to avoid it is to use synths which don’t cause that sound. :)

maybe run a high pass filter on the track that contains the high frequencies that are not compressing so well… tweak just to the point where your synth part can barely be noticed. To you it will be not as forward in the mix as you probably want it but that’s totally subjective! What’s important is to prevent the hiss from coming out after compression.

Tried that, but somehow it affects mids aswell.

I’ve uploaded the tune, which is worst. Maybe someone can give me additional tips.

thanks in advance

Upload on a site that does stream at higher rates than 128kbits?

I dont know any.

I found which hasnt those limitations.