Problems With Rendering

dear friends,

I would like to know why you deleted the option render as separate tracks.

It was really thing… I hope you will add in the next version of renoise.

or if there is in this one how I can make separate tracks without put in solo each channel for recording?

I need for put the separete tracks on for the bounce

it’s still there … look at the render options … there is ONE checkbox field.

Ah… it’s written separate and not seperate… that must be it! :D

with this option you can save just the pattern you want…

but I want SAVE the entire song but with separete channels/tracks…

if I can’t I have to save the entire song and select everytime the solo I want to render! with the old renoise you can save the channel separate with just a click…

sorry for my english and thanks for the help :drummer:


There is a checkbox between ‘Bit depth’ and ‘Priority’
Check that one and all tracks will ble split into individual files.

:drummer: :eek: :yeah: :guitar: :panic: :w00t:


You’re welcome :P

I dont get it. Is the option not obvious enough ?

Hmmz, don’t worry, i’ll whip up a Renoise for Dummies tutorial online next month, we’ll introduce a new mascotte that will take you by it’s childish hand and tells it the way even your five year old son understands how to track in Renoise. Though, i thought i clearly did a good job already, but appearantly not yet.