Problems With Rensoise Midi Out + Jack


i didn’t wanted to post this under bugs because i am currently testing Renoise in an 32bit chroot with my 64bit system. Everything seems to work fine, Jack runs and i can connect my midi keyboard to different programs/midisequencers how it is supposed to be. Renoise works with jack too, but not the midi output. When i play (midi), Renoise seems to send something but the receiver (connected via jack) doesn’t receive anything. I did a crosscheck with muse and vkeyboard as senders and they worked perfectly so i don’t think its a chroot-problem.
Any Ideas? Does this work for other users (on a 32bit platform)?

Ok, it doesn’t work with ALSA only, too (tested with soundcard sequencer). As described in another thread, i only deactivated the midi clock master and that shouldn’t influence the midi out, or?
Can it be, that no one is using the midi out? That would explain the lack of answers - or no one want to answer :(

I would suggest that you try the same thing again in the next beta. We have fixed some other? troubles with ALSA MIDI for the next beta, so it might simply work for you as well then…

If it then stiff doesn’t work, let us know please and we’ll try to find out why this happens…

Ok, that makes sense.

PS:Just for completeness, I tested Jack +Renoise Midi Out with a normal 32bit System and it didn’t work either.

MIDI out works, but there’s no MIDI IN and no Sync, but I think this was already covered somewhere else?

I’m using UBUNTU and am currently listening to ReNoise send MIDI to EnergyXT2’s synth.

Funny, my Midi IN works perfectly. But that with the Midi Out is really strange… I’m normally not that stupid and the Midi Out is blinking so apps like Zynnaddsubfx should receive something. I’m eager to try the next beta :)