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When using Renoise or any DAW in Windows it’s best to have your programs “priority” in Windows set to the highest level.

With Process Hacker you can save your priority and IO priority for certain applications so they are always highest priority whenever they open.

Renoise will perform better with its priority and IO priority set to highest and with Process Hacker you don’t have to change the settings in task manager every time you open it. Same goes for the windows sandboxed plugins and plugin scanners are hosted in.


It would be interesting to do a study with processhacker, various DAWs and other annoying processes like MsMpEng.exe (Windows antivirus), Dropbox, Windows Search, etc, and measure how it actually helps.


How was this determined?

What are the side-effects on other processes?

There have been times I’ve manually upped the priority for one or another application at specific times, but I’m skeptical there’s a compelling reason to make it the default.

If you find a particular circumstance where it’s needed you can set it from the command line.

Changing Windows process priority via command line - Super User

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It’s a common trick, you can find a number of people recommending it in many DAWs with a Google search. In my experience it can make an instant noticeable difference when a DAW is freezing skipping or being pushed too hard.

I have it set up permanently because I use a lot of vst plugins & it helped my performance in many other DAWs.

Your mileage may vary.