Process monitor for vst cpu usage

I might just be missing a core feature already implemented here, seem to remember something of the sort, but here goes :slight_smile:

I throw a lot of vsti’s and vst’s at renoise, but sometimes there’s obviously something using way too much cpu quota. This can be hard to identify, even using sandboxed plugins, as then the process will usually be identifiable in a task monitor, but the vst itself left unidentified, the only option to close it. (Built in plugins obviously don’t get the same treatment). Is there any chance of this being implemented as a tool or a feature, have I just missed something?


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A good idea

Could be a list of process,from the more hungry to the lightest

Average consumption,peak consumption

There is a percentage meter for VSTi’s next to the three white lines in Plugin Instrument Properties:

But not for effects as far as I can see.

Not convenient

And deep process analysis should be “on-off”