Process Track Dsps With Envelopes

Samples aren’t always played from the beginning of the pattern but still I do still get what you’re saying. It would mainly be useful for longer samples, those with Autoseeking enabled especially. May be a bit much to have Renoise Pause, rather than Stop, every single sample when you hit stop or release a key but I could agree with this function being added to Autoseek samples.

Do think my two small changes would make a large change too.

yeah, i looked at those things as well, and that would indeed be nice. currently i think the ‘beats’-ruler is still a bit minimalist in that it is not immediately obvious how it relates to the position in the pattern. your suggestions would change that, as well as mine would, i suppose.

+1 for this soundsculpting processing request that will probably never make it into Renoise, but I’ll bump it every other half year, anyway :drummer:

I agree with taktik that render selection makes this. However I also think that sample editing needs some kind of more integrated sandbox with better UI. I could see this happening in the future in some kind of clips/arranger view instead (if that’s what’s planned). Not sure, but I don’t think the suggested way is the right path to take.

I think you’re missing the pro’s vs cons here, comparing methods:

right click / render selection in the pattern has a maximum span of 1 pattern, what if you’re using larger samples as often is the case with soundscape music? It isn’t that pragmatic, easy to set up in a way like this feature request proposes, plus you’re missing the visual aspect of immediately seeing the transformation in the sample editor waveform.

If you mean rendering a song, or selection in sequence from the disk op, that also isn’t as efficient as you’ll have to retrieve the results back in after rendering, while this feature would have you work immediately inside the waveform.

If you’d have automated multiple parameters in a track and you don’t want all of them to affect the transformation, you’d have to disable all of those unwanted envelopes first which is a lot of work. It is important to understand that this feature deals with one parameter at a time.

The speed of use and the immediate visual feedback aspect are the main selling points, but maybe the original posters screenshot can be made tastier to sell it? :) Why envision an extra envelope in the pic while there already is an envelope in the automation editor that could be used?

This is a pretty advanced feature seeing the big wave editors still don’t support such a thing as automating vst effects through setting up envelopes. One would expect expensive wave editors like wavelab would support such a thing in the audio montage, but no… you can only draw out panning and volume. The morphing ability in wavelab is great though, setting an envelope that determines how much of the total effect (sort a like a mix/send in an effect) is mixed with the original sample, only this feature would already be awesome to have in the sample editor.

Imo it would be better with automation envelopes that are visually overlayed on the sample and processed in realtime. At the same time, per-sample dsp chains doesn’t seem like a good option. I think this need would be better met in a future clips/arranger framework.

(iirc reaper has per-clip dsp chains)

  • 10000000…

It would be awesome to have such a nice feature in Renoise

I think it’s something very unique and useful that can put Renoise far ahead in comparison to other expensive DAWs

i already hear the motto: “Renoise, the sound Designer’s choice” :slight_smile: