Process Track DSPs - with pitch settings

Is it possible to have a function in Renoise’s sampler that will process the current track DSPs including the current transpose/finetune settings of the sample?

The idea behind this suggestion: If you want to apply an effect chain on a sample at a note which differs from the root note, the same applied effects may sound different at a different pitch afterwards - because only the root note will receive the processed DSPs. This is especially noticable with drum samples and compression settings.

I oftentimes like to pitch up my drums and breakbeats, but I don’t want to re-render them at a higher pitch since I’d have to set all markers again which is very annoying with longer samples. Directly applying the pitch on the sample and then processing track DSPs would be so much easier.

Looking to hear what other Renoisers think!

I’d like to add that this function plays a sample as-is at the current sample rate, with no resampling as well, all sample properties are ignored, so take that in mind when using this function.