Process Track-Fx Doesent Sound The Same??

i am working on some new tracks on my laptop,with my controllers

so i need to process certain tracks fx

the tracks i need to process all have amplitube metal on them,and its draining my laptops cpu,but when i process the tracks fx it doesent even sound the same as before i processed the sample??

hope you know what im talking about

just a small question i turned off the native filter and glisseq before i processed the amplitube metal track fx,but does the bypassed/turned off fxs also do something to the sound?

because when i deleted tried to delete the filter 3 and glisseq and then process amplitube metal track fx it worked as it supposed to??

It sounds like processed fx probably applies the effect regardless if set bypassed or not, i think that may be considered a bug.

even when u render a sound as oppossed to processing the fx,the end result is sometimes different.Another bug i found is that when u process fx on a sample and you copy that sample and paste it again into another instrument slot,for some reason it pastes as the dry sample with none of the fx you applied to it.Am i the only one who seems to be getting clipping all over the place too,all of a sudden clicks start showing up on samples that are top and tailed properly and they also happen when code has been typed in to automate the switching on and off of sends…

Without an example XRNS and/or MP3 to check out, it can be frustratingly difficult for people to figure these kind of questions out :P

But I think I might have an idea, if you care to check a reply of mine in another similar thread:

My main suggestion would be to not process track DSPs on individual samples, especially if you’re playing melodies with the processed samples, because they will never sound the same after the FX have been applied due to the differences in sampling rates. For example, if you have a sample which is a C-4 note, and then you apply the track DSPs to it and play C-4, D#4, G-4, etc., the notes D#4 and G-4 will sound ‘wrong’ because the DSP effects that were applied are now static/fixed and being resampled along with the sample itself. This can drastically change the sound of certain effects, especially distortion, since you might get different frequencies and harmonics coming through that were not there during realtime playback. (Even the original C-4 note can sound wrong, if the original sample’s sampling rate does not match Renoise’s sampling rate, as I mention in that other thread)

So, my advice would be to avoid the ‘process track DSPs’ feature for most cases, and instead use the render to sample feature like a track freeze function, where you record entire sections of your song to sample, and then trigger those long sampled sections at the start of your pattern. This way, everything should sound ‘correct’, as if it has been playing through the effects in realtime. Just be aware of the gain differences when using render to sample - you will need to set the newly rendered/frozen sample’s ‘amplify’ property to +6dB for it to sound the same. (An annoyance, but one we have to live with for now)


Here’s a very basic example of what I’m talking about.


well i didnt post an excample,because its quite easy to test your self

but heres one that uses amplitube metal,process the sample,then remove amplitube metal from the track,and it wont sound the same at all"]process track fx test[/url]

Your sample is only 11025Hz, but Renoise is running at something higher like 44100Hz, 48000Hz, 96000Hz, etc. So when you use the ‘process track DSPs’ function, the sampling rates do not match.

If you really prefer to use ‘process track DSPs’ instead of ‘render to sample’ (which doesn’t have this problem), then I suggest you adjust the sample itself so that its sampling rate matches the one you have set in Renoise’s preferences.

If Renoise is running at 44100Hz, then adjust the sample to be 44100Hz.

That should fix it, I think.

(I edited out my longer, rambling reply, for the purposes of making things clearer, but I do go into this problem in more detail in the other thread that I initially linked to.)

thanks Dblue,i never thought about that,that actually fixed this in my case,i normally process my samples in audio studio 9,but i use process track fx when i get a idea fast,and i normally just do it on vocal samples