Prodigy mashup

I originally thought of blending The Prodigy’s One Love and Your Love ages ago, and made a module on Skaletracker back in 2005 or thereabouts. This new, Renoise-made, version is improved in terms of mixing and arrangement.

The beat, the 303 and the “one love” sample are from One Love, while Your Love provided the piano riff, the synth riff, the bass line, some vocal samples (“your love,” “our crew,” “woo-hoo-oh-hoo”) and some other sounds. I also added some kicks, hats, snares and a bit of Amen from my library. Some of the vocal samples are sampled afresh from their original sources. Thanks to Roth2308 who made a Your Love remake back in 2010 for pointing out where to find these samples.

Excellent match, and oh so good vibes!

Cheers, Dungaree!