Producing Loops And Sounds?

I’m just curious what people are using to create the loops and sounds they use in renoise. I’m moving in the direction of fast IDM that borderlines hadcore and breakcore. Lets hear it. How do you make your atmospherics? your beats? your sounds? do you use drum machines for simple 4/4 beats? do you sample sounds to create complex beat structures of sounds?

think Emotional Joystick, Square pusher, Aphex, and Autechre. That’s the complex beat structure I would like to emulate.

Phatmatic Pro VSTI. It’s a loopslicer with some neat twists like delay, distortion + the regular filter section and a comb filter. I should think it would open up a new world for you if you haven’t tried it before.

Easy to use and boosts creativity.

there is also a VSti called CAIRO and one called Breakthru ( by same guy) who may be VERY good to drill you beat.


ps i m very curious to hear ur stuff !!!