Professional Use Renoise

maybe U know artist who make music in renoise and release it in commercial labels . more intresting psy trance musicians.
Why iam asking that: many people use trackers for fun/when man study in treckes after his have a hi skill level he went work to Logic or Cubase/excuse me for my english/iam from russia=)

iam work 7 year in Jesk.Buzz ,befor it 2 years in scream and impulse trk/ becouse Buzz is dead (program very potentional/but last audio engine upgrade in 2000-it’ not good for quality) Iam check renoise -and sound quality
is sirius-renoise is prepare to make good commercial music/commercial-is not POP- its music they can buy/i think u understand me.
and very pleasure see in forum veterans of tracker music/respect!

what U think about it?

venetian snares idm and breakcore.

I’ve just recently changed to Renoise after using FLS for some time. Hopefully I’ll still be able to release a few tunes here and there :)

But as far as I know not a lot of psytrancers use Renoise, FLS and Cubase seems to be the weapon on choice for most people in that genre.

i see u make psytrance music. its very intresting for me.

So you’re not sure wether or not renoise is a proffesional high quality tool unless a ‘commercial’ guy makes lots of money with it? I want to say something on that:

People (who don’t make music) ask me, when I guide them in my studio, why I don’t use sonar or proTools or whatever to control hardware equipment. They think that its just better because Tiesto uses it… well f**** 'm.

Renoise has grown out all the old trackers and has become a 100% proffessional tool to make music with. There are no discussions needed regarding quality or other properties a proff tool has to have. Renoise has got it: but it’s still an ‘ODD’ way of making music, and many people just didn’t grew up with trackers and they often want to ‘play in’ the notes or have other needs… just try the tool, don’t give up too fast, learn the keyboard shortcuts and be happy forever :wink:

ok. one quastion: what u think: why big company like stainberg or others- dont make sequence programm used tracker interface.only roll piano? trackers very popular programm and if he make good tracker it give him a money and more famous and respect in musicians world.

you’re wrong PnP.
trackers are absolutely not “popular” programs and that’s exactly the reason for why steinberg does not care about releasing a non-pianoroll sequencer.

Most professional musicians I know still claim renoise is a gaming-tool. However, I know one professional ebm/trance-act who even use Ft2.

However. Midi-Export would help ;)

DJNick, PTrance…Ofcourse you can make Psytrance with Renoise, in fact its perfect for making such music.

And ofcourse you should register just go ahead and try the free version first.

Renoise is not like Buzz it has been developed for many years and is still developed. And you will never regret regestering.

I have registered version of FLtudio but prefere Renoise.

Yeh… trackers aren’t popular at all… this of course is not to say that they don’t kick ass… and Renoise, of course, is king in a world of outcasts.

If you want a different paradigm of digital music, this is the software for you. If you want easy software to make watered down psy trance, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

… and if you’re worried about sound quality, renoise has got it in heaps ;)

In formula one racing there are many different brands making different car models.
one with better grip, one with more solid steering, one with a revelutionair accelaration, one with a different gear system, and so on.

all the cars are ‘in the game’ but one will win in the end.
is this the best car?
no it’s the car with a driver who did best with the cars given specifications in the best circumstances.

we know the specs of Renoise and other music programs,
so it’s up to you to choose the one you can ‘ride’ best.
and it’s up to you to make that ‘proffesional’ music.

o, and don’t look at what other people do, look at you want to do.
otherwise we would have all the same cars on the track.

I’ve always used trackers in some way in my productions. But since i found renoise i basically use only that. There’s still a few things i’m missing in renoise but not enough to not be able to do what i want.

A tracker can be a really good tool if you’re working with certain genres. If you want you can use it just for making cool drumloops, making bits and pieces and puzzle it all together in another program… Sometimes i work like that too.

Professional or hobbyists, playing around and having fun is the main thing, whatever program floats your boat doesn’t really matter, as long as you feel comfortable using it. =) Everyone has their own workflow. Figure out what works for you but I think renoise is good enough to make professional stuff in whatever genre you choose.

some words regarding this topic:

I agree that there are kind of programs which are better for a genre than for another, but the tracker kind (real ones, not like Buzz), is not one of them:

during the 14 years I’ve used trackers, I’ve composed and listened to almost every kind of music I can imagine:
orchestral, electronic, metal, rock, experimental, jazz, folk… everything.

I don’t want to say that trackers are the only kind of programs which allow for this, but they are probably the cheapest.

Now, with Renoise, the ability to compose something which has also the so much acclaimed “professional sound quality” is even higher, but flexibility is what really counts (and sound quality, in the strict term, is just the opposite of most of commercial music you normally hear)

it’s not WHAT you use, but HOW you use it.

Rebell Terract (my past project) “Savier 1998-2000” - a digital hardcore record written in FT2. Released on indie New Zealand record label A-KLASS.

Atarix “The Age Of Gemini” - breakcore/8bit/dubstep/dhc/hiphop album written using SKALE tracker (Bak, wussup?) and finally reedited and rearranged in RENOISE (I bought a license some months ago). Released on a fast growing russian electronic music indie record label ACIDSAMOVAR. Also some various tracks on different compilations and so on.

And more stuff going to be released using RENOISE.

p.s. Venetian Snares and Enduser (Planet Mu and more others) used (using) Renoise.
Also Bogdan Raczynski (Rephlex Recs) using Impulse Tracker.
And some other artists like DAT Politics (they used FT2), some another guy from Germany used Buzz stuff and so on. Many examples. And i heard one more interesting rumor about trackers…If u guys here heard of artist called GOON with his damn good breakbeat album “Mental Reflex” which was released on MEGA Records (a major label btw)…so there was a rumour about GOON, what he wrote his album fully in a tracker. Program`s name is unknown. But i think it was Impulse Tracker…ugh.

still, trying to create an orchestral song in BUZZ could lead to quite ridicolous results, I fear…

Dr drips, beatiful comparision to F1, - i’ve never thought about it that way…


The following profiles have also added themselves to the myspace “renoise heads” group … so there is an assumption that they use it too: Otto Von Schirach, Richard Devine, Combichrist, Unter Null, sporadik, and many others whom I don’t necessarily recognize.

Haha, “professionals”.
Give me a f****ing break. What does that even mean