Program Change With Vstfx

I use Guitar rig inside renoise and want to give a program/preset change to it.
can do with vsti’s but is it possible with vst effects?

If the change can be controlled by a parameter it supplies you can either use an effect command for it or use the automation for that.
If it only receives the command through MIDI than currently no.

I wrote this after hours of mixing, and damn what a terrible formulated post!
but your last sentence says it all, I can’t do it through MIDI.


— 01 – 92 00xx

change the program to xx for the instrument 01?

Most likely - no. Only a few VST effects will expose the preset as a parameter (I’ve actually made a Synthedit VST that did exactly this, so it’s technically possible)
Furthermore, when dealing with VSTi, not all instruments are prepared to listen to the preset change command - it’s really about how each VSTi is implemented

Hmm…Perhaps the developers can be persuaded to include automation for the effects preset slot? I mean, the built-in FX have presets as well, so it would be rather useful?

I will try to get some misunderstandings out of the way.
after reading my original post, I see I messed it up :)

this is my aplication:

I have a floorboard (midi controller) hooked with midi to my computer.
This computer is running Renoise with Guitar Rig as VST.

I can get the floorboard to change the presets of VSTi’s but not of VST’s (effects)

Ok, with some upcoming gigs I’m a little desperate now.

so is there no way to control a preset change for a VST effect?

please guys, any help here.

I know now that it’s not possible to change the preset with my floorconroller,
but is there really no way to change the preset with automatisation or something?

the 92 that IT-alien mentioned works only for VST instruments not for effects

you could initialize ALL the vst-effects parameters from one preset you’re using, then in another pattern initialize all the parameters out of the next preset you want to use. I guess that’ll be a lot of clicking with Guitar rig tho, good luck in the automation editor :slight_smile:

How about using send track?
Set VSTFXs to send tracks as many as you want (1 VST preset per 1 send track), then change “Receiver” param of send device by midi controller.
Still not smart though…

Ooops, sorry.
Now I notice “Reciever” param also cannot change by midi controller… :(

thank you guys, I had a rough night getting this to work.
I now have more instances of guitar rig running beside each other, all in seperate tracks with their own preset set to it.
now I automated when one or another guitar rig is toggled on and off during the song (xF00, xF01).

I really hope I see this done through MIDI in the future, because this is certainly not the neatest and most CPU efficient way.