Program Changes

im having a bit of trouble figuring out how to send a program change to reaktor
i put 92 in the panning column but it says panningslide left…

it saysin the tutorial:

Panning column:
MIDI / VSTI commands in panning column:
92 - Program change, value in the effect-column (usually the last two bytes are used only (00 - 7F)

so judging by this the line would look somewhat like this if im reading it right:

D-54C .. 92 0001  
D-54C .. 92 0002  

:) :blink:

whoops i forgot to say that the command doesnt seem to do anything


do you know if that code i put up there correct?

oh thankyou,
it seems none of my vstis work right
i would think reaktor would have been made a bit better so as to understand the program changes.
oh well
it looks like the opensource vsti juno6 does something different then the rest of the ones i have but doesnt play any sound when after changin the program

oh wait i see that the line doesnt make sound but putting another trigger right afterwards then triggers the preset and the correct sound

farbrausch is wicked

thanks again Bantai :walkman:

did you know?
this forum is equipped with a button called edit

i will make sure to ask you the dumb questions when i think of them :P

don’t get me wrong… just thought that 4 posts in a row by the same author are just unnecessary.
so nothing personal there ;)

edit: while i was writing this i didnt see what you wrote

so how come the lines must be like this:

D-54C .. 92 0001  
D-54C .. 92 0002  

this makes it off beat
instead of what would seem a more proper way like originally wrote:

D-54C .. 92 0001  
D-54C .. 92 0002  

i could also see using something like this: (but this does not work)

D-54C .. 92 D-54C .. .. 0001  
D-54C .. 92 D-54C .. .. 0002  

is there some way of doing this on the same line that i want the vsti to sound?

it would certainly make life a bit easier while doing microedits

okay they do play on the right line. i must have been doing something wrong.

im not sure if i grasp what you wrote up there yet (im kinda slow)
i think i may have an idea of it tho…

because i noticed something from the first time i started using sample offsets
(the 2nd day i started tracking)

when i noticed it i thought it best i just dont touch it.
the way that the track is set up
note instrument volume panning effect

i noticed if i tried to do 2 notes on 1 line both offset
like this

play play  
C-400 .. .. C-401 .. .. 0915 0945  
the lines pointing to how i thought it would work  

it didnt seem to function the way i thought it would

since then i thought that it would be best if the devs would have put the effects for each one with each one, then make the ability to add more effects columns to each like this:

play play  
C-400 .. .. 0915 xxyy xxyy C-401 .. .. 0945 xxyy xxyy  
each having their own effects controllers  
also having those arrows at the top to add more or less for each  

after looking at this i think this probably isnt very close to what you wrote but
for some reason i think it may be close to a possible solution maybe.

As a note, which might be good to include in the article as well, you can of course simply trigger all actions without playing by pressing return on the line in question.